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In 1963, Randall is triggered into a severe depressive episode after receiving a wedding invite from his secret ex-boyfriend in college. Finding himself rather helpless and immobile, Randall seeks professional help from a mental hospital, but as there is no space at the time, he is sent to Blur Asylum where he meets two interesting inmates. However, it is possible that he may never be able to check out once committed and death awaits around every corner, or is that love?

{NOTES: I wrote, drew, edited, and coded everything with the help of Ren'Py. The music is by Emilie Autumn which I have permission from the artist's manager to use this song, as long as it's not for profit.}

WARNING: foul language, violence, and explicit themes and topics. Two of the main characters suffer from serious PTSD because they have been through some seriously traumatic things. If you are easily triggered or disturbed and can't handle hearing about rape, abuse, child molestation, or anything of the like, DO NOT play this.


Blur_Asylum_THW-1.0-all.zip 631 MB


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I am curious about this, but I'm having a hard time installing it on Android. Is it really available for Android?

Ah geez, I'm sorry if it says that. I don't believe it's actually compatible with Androids or phones, only computers. I'm so sorry about that. I'll try to fix it.

That was better than I expected. Stories were pretty original too. I am protector of a rapist now. Don't know how to feel. Anyway, great work indeed!

Thank you so much! I really appreciate the comment, it made me laugh when you talked about Bowie. If you really liked that, you should check out the demo for the game I'm currently working on called The Illness Called Love 1.0, I'd greatly appreciate it. You can find it on here.

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Right after this I played "The Devil's Alleyway", I am a little confused, is it a demo or short story of a interesting night? And yes, now I will play The Ilness Called love. And I will let you know with a feedback. ^^

The Devil's Alleyway is not a game, just a short story. It was a sort of test for me getting into making visual novels to start with a kinetic novel. A good way to learn coding and the sizes for images such as the sprites and CGs. I'm glad to see that you did check it out. It's not the best, but I was very proud of it when I first worked on it. Drawing the tattoos was not fun. XD I've drawn plenty of doodles between Ipos (bartender/demon) and Marissa (woman), I just don't expand on it here. I don't think I've posted them on my art blog yet.

I liked it. The fact of your stories is every single one is unique and original. 

Thank you very much!

Interesting concept.  Do you take contructive criticism?

Of course. Thank you, by the way. (Also, this wasn't supposed to be taken 100% seriously, just to add. I do have a Demo posted here for a more serious game called The Illness Called Love.)

Pretty good stuff.


Haha, thanks. I also have another one with a dark theme like this in the workings. My demo is posted.